MADÉ is a space for the senses. Home to a team of passionate tattoo artists who prioritize the comfort and care of their clients, the shop is a space for all to come together in community, art, and love.

Part boutique tattoo studio and part mercantile, MADÉ is a woman-owned shop that offers a new type of tattoo experience — one that is soft, gentle, thoughtful, and collaborative. The vision behind the shop was bringing together concepts of tattoos, interior design, and retail. Those frequenting MADÉ are either getting tattooed or shopping a collecction of thoughtfully curated retail. Outside of the day-to-day, MADÉ hosts events and intentionally brings creatives and small businesses together.

MADÉ is a passion project, a family, and a dream made possible only by its community.

MADÉ is a Space for the Senses

Whether you're visiting for a tattoo or coming to shop, we've curated a space for you to come explore and take a form of art home with you. We are passionate about bridging the gap between fine art, interior design, and tattoos while offering an immersive experience. Our versatility lends itself to events such as vintage markets, fine art openings, and fundraisers.

Our retail showcases home, beauty, and lifestyle goods made by small businesses we adore working with

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niki b

"I’ve gotten a few tattoos at this shop, I really appreciate how inclusive they are. As a woman of color I haven’t had the best experience in other shops, Made is the first place I’ve been to that actually puts the client first. They create a welcoming space that made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions and really feel heard before getting my tattoo. Highly highly recommend."


"I am obsessed with not just Chloé, but everyone associated with her ‘tattoo spa’. From the fine line and stick and poke tattoos to the cute candles, vintage clothing and jewelry, these amazing women are going to take over Denver, Colorado, mark my word. They’re so kind and inclusive no matter your body type or gender and made me instantly feel at ease in my skin, even when I didn’t feel that way at home. Thank you Chloé for your beauty and for the people you surround yourself with. I feel so lucky to have not only a piece of your art on my body but a gorgeous vintage camel coat from Scotland thanks to you! Can’t wait to plan my next piece with you :)"


"Truly beautiful space--wonderful and incredibly talented artists. Cannot recommend highly enough!!!!! A MUST visit in Colorado."


"Amazing place, tons of unique items, and the best artists in Denver :)"

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