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But First, Some Things To Keep In Mind

With a background in fine art, Chloé spent 8 years as a working artist, bouncing between freelance, photography, mural, and illustration projects. Chloé’s illustrations led her to the tradition of tattooing in which she prioritizes bringing safety, comfort, and inclusivity to the industry.

Growing up with a French father and an American mother, Chloé Besson was born in France and grew up traveling between there and Chicago for the first 18 years of her life. After finishing high school in Evanston, IL, she moved to Boulder, CO in 2010 to pursue her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking with a sub-focus in photography from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Chloé began tattooing in 2019, spending over six months conducting research, tattooing artificial skin, and trying to form an apprenticeship. After being met with a lot of closed doors, she told herself she would not wait for somebody else to get her start — MADÉ and the vision for Chloé's practice was born the day she decided to fully step into the tattoo industry. She not only hoped to bridge the gap between fine art and tattooing, but also sought to address the lack of client care she saw within the industry. From there, safety, inclusivity, and comfort became the pillars on which her business stood. As a heart-driven creative and female tattooer, her goal is to make both the artist and client feel seen, heard, and celebrated.

Specializing in fine-line tattooing, the work she does is centered around what she is aesthetically drawn to and has roots in practicing mindful tattooing.

Chloé Jane is the owner of MADÉ Tattoo & Mercantile and a self-taught tattoo artist based in Denver, CO.



So, let’s make some (often cute) magic and have a laugh together at my new home. I can’t wait to see what we create during this journey.

A big part of my decision to become a stick and poke artist was to bring kindness to a community that has been tainted by artists who do not listen to or care deeply about their clients. I strive to be 100% approachable and want all of my clients to feel like they're getting tattooed by their best mate.

Hi! I’m Billie! I’ve always been a doodler and used to get in trouble with teachers for drawing all over my homework. I ended up chasing my art dream originally as a graphic designer. Although I loved and still miss design, I struggled with the more technical aspect of the work. I felt stifled by brand guidelines and picky clients that just weren’t my style.

I quit my job and started my self-taught stick and poke journey doing friend's tattoos in my kitchen. For those who got the early kitchen tats, I will forever be grateful. 2.5 years later and I can positively say you are all part of the reason I’ve made it to MADÉ.



I feel so grateful to be where I am at and to all the people who are letting me put permanent art on their bodies. Hopefully we get to work together!! 

I am self taught and am always learning something new about this amazing practice.

Hello lovely people! My name is Kailynn (or KK) and I’m a fine-line / realism / micro tattoo artist. I really enjoy tattooing fruit, bugs, famous paintings, objects, etc. I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. After being immersed in the art and culture of the bayou my whole life, I decided to move to Denver almost 4 years ago. I started my tattooing journey a little over 2 years ago, right around the time when the world came to a stop. I have not had a traditional upbringing when it comes to tattooing.

Kailynn "KK"


I believe in the transformative power of tattooing and I strive to create a comfortable and receptive environment that supports clients in their journey to become their best and most authentic selves - inside and out. 

Looking forward to working on your next tattoo project together!

Mandalas, in any form, are my favorite subjects. Animals, peonies, and other natural imagery are all tied as close seconds. 

Hi Everyone,

 my name is Kyle and I’m super excited and honored to get to work alongside the amazing artists at MADÉ! 

I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but spent a lot of my life hopping around the world through the Peace Corps and international development nonprofits before landing in Fort Collins, CO, burning my collared shirts, and picking up a tattoo machine. 



Thank you to MADÉ for believing in me and giving me a home.

A long time ago in 1988 a child was born… almost immediately after, he began tattooing. Imagination and a love for the mundane is what shaped and molded the person we know today as tattoodle (you can call me Daniel “tattoodle” is just for dramatic affect).

A voyage was taken from a small town called Los Angeles for it was too small for tattoodle (really I just wanted to move back to Colorado because I love it here) to Deeennverrrr!

Ok but really, I’m just a goof that loves to tattoo and I think that translates into my doodles. I can wait to work with you all and I’m excited for what the future holds for me at MADÉ. I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and stories!!!



niki b

"I’ve gotten a few tattoos at this shop, I really appreciate how inclusive they are. As a woman of color I haven’t had the best experience in other shops, Made is the first place I’ve been to that actually puts the client first. They create a welcoming space that made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions and really feel heard before getting my tattoo. Highly highly recommend."


"I am obsessed with not just Chloé, but everyone associated with her ‘tattoo spa’. From the fine line and stick and poke tattoos to the cute candles, vintage clothing and jewelry, these amazing women are going to take over Denver, Colorado, mark my word. They’re so kind and inclusive no matter your body type or gender and made me instantly feel at ease in my skin, even when I didn’t feel that way at home. Thank you Chloé for your beauty and for the people you surround yourself with. I feel so lucky to have not only a piece of your art on my body but a gorgeous vintage camel coat from Scotland thanks to you! Can’t wait to plan my next piece with you :)"


"Truly beautiful space--wonderful and incredibly talented artists. Cannot recommend highly enough!!!!! A MUST visit in Colorado."


"Amazing place, tons of unique items, and the best artists in Denver :)"

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