Our biggest priority is the safety, comfort, and inclusion of our clients. We understand that the practice of tattooing is an intimate one, which is why our shop was intentionally created and designed with your experience in mind. From the physical space to the energetic exchange, MADÉ is a space for the senses. We hope you feel at home here.

Safety. Comfort. Inclusivity. awareness.

Tattooing Ethos

Our tattoo session is an intimate exchange and a gentle pocket of time that we will share. It is important that you be just an involved in the process as your artist — in other words, it's a collaborative effort. We are here to hold space for you and us, to hear you and see you, and to be in this process together.


We welcome and celebrate you exactly as you are. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your tattoo session, or any question in general. For example, if you are wondering how a certain color will look on your skin tone or how a tattoo might heal over a scar, we are available to chat! Whatever you need to feel comfortable, seen, and heard, we are here to provide to the best of our abilities.


Any type of racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, othering, body shaming, anapirophobia, cacomorphobia, belittling, discrimination, or exclusivity is not tolerated in our practice, shop, or ethos. You will be asked to leave for good if any of these ways of thinking or being are something you bring in with you.


We are so grateful that you are interested in working with us! Below are some need-to-know's. For more of an extensive look at how we operate, please pop over to our FAQ page.

We are appointment only and do not take walk-ins for tattoos.
You are welcome to come visit us and do some shopping during our open hours.
Each artist has their own booking system — you cannot book through MADÉ's website or Instagram.
Please reference each artists' website or Instagram for information on their booking process.

How do I book an appointment for a tattoo?


niki b

"I’ve gotten a few tattoos at this shop, I really appreciate how inclusive they are. As a woman of color I haven’t had the best experience in other shops, Made is the first place I’ve been to that actually puts the client first. They create a welcoming space that made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions and really feel heard before getting my tattoo. Highly highly recommend."

amber p

"I cannot recommend Chloé enough. She answered all my questions before my appointment via email and then day of she made sure I was comfortable. She took her time to ensure I liked the placement of my tattoo and then was really patient with me (it was my first one!) I also felt so special when she took pictures and a video of the tattoo. The shop in general is beautiful and very comfortable. I will be back!"

sarah b

"Such a cute place, so clean & relaxing for my first tattoo experience!"

Client Love

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